Friday, July 25, 2008

Lunchtime with Sam

Sam has started trying to eat food with utensils himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite have the coordination for it, so lots of food gets lost between the bowl and his mouth. But it is pretty fun to watch. Here is a little video of him trying (he did much better before I started videoing). the second half of the video, Sam was playing peekaboo with himself as I was turning the screen on the video camera so he could see himself, and then not see himself. He thought it was hilarious. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun with Jaelyn

Here are Sam and Jaelyn enjoying a little fun on the front porch during a thunderstorm last night. Unfortunately, it didn't end too well for Jaeyln as Sam's love for her sent her spilling. I promise though, no one got hurt!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sam has some news to share

The above picture will be true as of January 27. That's right, number 2 is on the way. Once again, we will be waiting to find out the gender. One of our favorite parts about waiting last time was hearing everyone's theories on what it was going to be. SO if you have one, send it our way.

Over due Update

Here are some random pictures that we have taken over the last couple of weeks. We have had a busier last few weeks, so sorry we have not been updating as much.

Here is Sam holding Mommy's hand. Sam loves to hold our hands now and take us places. His sense of direction is quite amazing really. He definitely inherited that from both his mom and dad.

Sam continues to be an avid slide enthusiast. Here are Sam and daddy on one of the faster slides that he has been on at Grant Park.

Sam never really had that one item that he was attached to. He didn't have a blanket, stuffed animal, or anything else that served as his security blanket. However, we believe that the stroller is beginning to serve in that roll. When we drop him off at the YMCA, he often just sits in the stroller as we work out. At the park, he will often just push the stroller around instead of playing on the playground. It is pretty funny when someone see the stroller moving, but no one pushing it. On several occasions people have been really surprised by a moving stroller.

Here is Sam showing off his new hairdo, thanks Tramels, and his new toy. Since Sam and I have been riding MARTA this summer, Sam has started noticing buses more and more as we drive. It is pretty funny, as we are driving or walking down the road, if a bus passes us, Sam will get really excited, point, and scream something at the bus. So, I decided to get him a bus for the house. He is also showing that off as well.

Finally, here is Sam in one of my favorite poses. Sam will often throw balls or other objects that will go under the TV stand, couch, or chair. He then puts his arms up in the air like below and says something resembling "where." It is really cute.