Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Reunion

This past week, Sam and Jaelyn had their long awaited reunion. The Tramels were able to spend a long weekend in Atlanta, and Sam and Jae had a wonderful time reconnecting with each other. It was wonderful to watch and seemed like they were never apart. Here are some of the pictures highlights from the weekend:

We went on a walk to the Marketplace one morning and Sam and Jae walked holding hands the entire way.

Beth, Sam, and Jae had a great time playing together. Beth is Sam's best friend in class at school. It did seem like Beth was a little unsure of Jae and how close she was to her Sammy.

Livia and Maya enjoyed hanging out with each other as well. Here are the four of them together.

One of the moments of bliss on the bikes.

How many kids can fit in one sandbox?

Taking a picture with the camera timer and 4 little ones is no easy feat!

We were so thankful to have the Tramel's visit.  We were reminded again of all of the reasons we love them, and why they are such wonderful friends.  We definitely miss them, but are excited for more visits together!