Friday, January 14, 2011

What would your family do with a week indoors...

The Delps do all of the puzzles in the house:

Highlights from the snow!

It has been a long week in Atlanta for lots of families.  No school, work, or ability to go too many places.  We have very little to complain about as we were well stocked on food (without stocking up), have great friends to visit close by, had the coffee shop to go to, and were able to get out if we wanted (even though most places were closed or out of things so there was no where to go to).

The kids enjoyed the snow the first day before it turned into one big ice ball.  Here are the highlights from our one day of playing outside:

Pillow Fight

When snow keeps you inside for over a week, what else would you do if you were 3 than embark on a pillow fight?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


So it snowed....on Sunday night...and ended before Midnight...and yet here it is Thursday and we are still off of school and work.  Pretty crazy for a mere 3 inches of snow.  Atlanta's snow removal policy is to wait until it melts.  Not a bad theory except when the low temp is 12 and the high is 30 for a week after a snow storm!  

We are all managing pretty well, although we are beginning to run out of food.  An attempt to go to the grocery store on Tuesday was met with long lines (about an hour long) and barely anything on the shelves.  It has scarred me and I am reluctant to go back.  Who knew that I really should have stocked up on goods for 3 inches.  Oh well...lessoned learned.

The kids enjoyed the snow on Monday.  They had a lot of fun sledding, trying to make snow men, throwing snowballs, and playing with friends.  Our front hill makes a natural sledding hill and we made a great track to slide down.  Unfortunately, we only had a tupperware container lid to slide down on, hence limiting the enjoyment of sledding a little bit.  This is the 3rd year in a row that we have been able to sled at least once during the winter, so I will probably buy a sled for next year (which of course means we will not get snow for the next 5 years).

Here are the pictures from the week: