Friday, January 30, 2009

Sam getting Ready

First off, there is no baby yet, and the little baby in these pictures is not little Delp. Keep praying for Katie and for the little one to come out. We are both just kind of sitting around waiting. It has been nice having some extra time to spend together, and for Katie to be home from work for a while.

Sam is getting ready for the baby coming (and so is mommy!) He is now saying, "Come out Baby" to Katie's stomach. It is pretty funny. Here are some pics of sam with his new second cousin James and playing in the baby's car seat.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sam's View of Presidential Politics

Here are some of Sam's reflections on today's events. Do you think it was inadvertent that he was getting Barack Obama and himself confused, or was it a prediction about his own political future?


Today was an amazing event and one that I will remember for a long time. I wish that Sam would have been old enough to watch it with me. The swearing in, the speech, and all the pagaentry that went along with the day did not live up to what was for me, the greatest moment of the day. Jospeh Lowery's benediction. From starting it off by reciting words from the famous African-American spiritual, Lift Every Voice and Sing, to his poignant lyrical conclusion, Lowery once again showed why he has been such an important figure in the Civil Rights movement. There are many people who could not believe that they would live to see this day, but if I could talk with all of those that are living who have seen so much, I would choose to sit down and let Lowery tell me why this day is so importnat. If you didn't watch his benediction, here you go.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Few Holiday Moments

This afternoon is the conclusion to our holiday break. We have had a wonderful and restful break from our normal busyness. We spent the last two weeks on projects around the house, getting ready for baby, sleeping a lot and spending a lot of good time with Sam. Here are a few pictures from this past week.

After a really bad haircut, I had to buzz all of Sam's hair. He looks really grown up with a new cut.

Sam got his first taste of cookie dough while I was making cookies this week. He absolutely loved it, and he wasn't all that interested in the cookies once he had tasted the dough.

Mr. Independent is the name of the game in our house these days. Sam tries to do most everything on his own. Today after his nap, he didn't want to cuddle, he wanted to sit in the recliner and read all by himself.