Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Growing Up

Sam did a few grown up things today that were pretty funny. First, because of a baby sitting change for the day, Sam went to work with Mommy. He wasn't just going with mommy to work, he was going to work at Mommy's work. As you can see from the photos, he was prepared with his computer and work bag in tow (which was full of puzzles):

The second grown up thing for Sam today was a guitar. He has shown quite a bit of interest in music lately, and this week he has been asking to have a guitar at Sam's house. So, in a moment of weakness, I bought him one. Here are some pictures of him playing the guitar:

His favorite tunes to sing are: Twinkle, Twinkle , ABC's, the Goodbye Song (na, na, na, Hey, Hey, Hey), and Jesus Loves me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The past month or so have found us getting into a little bit of a rhythm as a family, only to remember that things with 4 month old babies change in no time flat. Where a month ago we had a 2 year old that slept until almost 8, and a 4 month old that slept until at least 7, they both are now waking up at 7 or before. Oh well, there were a few good weeks. Here are some pictures of our most recent adventures together:

Sam and Maya still love each other. Maya is more able to show her love for Sam, and her desire to get Sam back for all the times he has given her "hugs" that were a little too strong. She now lunges after him and tries to "get him."

Sam has become quite the puzzler, much to his parents enjoyment. We found a great store called Richard's Variety Store that sells all kinds of great things. We found him these puzzles, and let's just say it has been the best $10 we spent on him yet. You can see how proud he is!

And focused!

Maya has now been to the YMCA swimming pool a few times. She wasn't so sure the first time in the water, but the second time she seemed to be happier.

Maya is now sitting up a little bit. She is still pretty wobbly, especially if big brother is around to tackle her, but it has been fun to see her figure out how to do it.

Most days in our house you will see our children doing one of these activities:

Maya in her excersaucer

Sam, the ever inventive "Where's Sam" player:

Check out more pics on our shutterfly page in next post.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Maya and Sam enjoying one another

The past week or so, it seems like Maya has changed a lot. She is really aware of her surroundings, loves to watch people, is really social, and LOVES watching Sam. She follows him wherever he goes, tries to grab him now, and tonight, for the first time, they had a conversation. Maya would do her talking, and Sam would repeat it. It was so amazingly cute. Katie and I were in the middle of the conversation, and we stopped to listen into what they were doing. We didn't catch it on tape, but we did catch some good stuff. Enjoy.