Friday, May 7, 2010

More Sports

Here are two more of the sports that Sam loves to play. In the basketball video, it looks like Maya is trying to play defense against Sam. In the golf video, the "hole" is the entire rug.



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Urban Exploring

The world is beginning to open up to Sam. His understanding and curiosity are growing by leaps and bounds. Lately, Sam has been obsessed with Lady Bugs. Every walk that we take through the neighborhood turns into a lady bug hunt. He classifies lady bugs by their color - red or orange. All lady bugs fall into one of those two categories. This is the scene that we typically see when we turn around to see where Sam is on our walks:

Many of our walks lately have been to the community garden around the corner of our house. Sam doesn't like to eat too many vegetables, but I am holding out hope that the process of watching them grow and eating them from our garden will make it more exciting (I know, I am probably just kidding myself). Sam loves to walk to the garden and help mommy weed or daddy water. He is also great at pointed out the lady bugs, or in the case of yesterday, finding mud filled puddles to jump in with his boots. Here is our garden plot very early on in the season:


Those of you that know me, know that I am a huge sports fan. It pretty much goes with the territory of being from Philly. You don't have too many options if you don't want to tune out over half of what people talk about in Philly.

Anyway, for most of his life, Sam has not been that into sports (other than what I pushed on him at what Katie would consider too early of an age). However, in the past few weeks Sam has really taken to playing almost any sport. It has been really fun to interact with him in a much different way than what I have been used to. I still don't plan to push sports on him too much, but I am enjoying the fact that he likes to play. If you ask Sam what he wants to do when he is 4, he will tell you that he wants to play baseball at the YMCA! I can't wait for that!

Here are some videos of Sam playing a few sports in the living room. Enjoy!



Baseball (sorry for the sideways angle. I'll take another one and replace it)