Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things Maya Likes

Maya Dawn Delp... Those words are uttered quite frequently around our house.  Our little girl continues to amaze us with her talents and her joy for life!  There are many things that Maya enjoys about life (most everything really), but here are a few things that really stand out:

Maya loves to paint.  Thank goodness she has a mom that loves to paint with her and comes up with some great projects this these for her to work on:

Maya also loves to sleep (well, at least nap anyway as she routinely stays up to 10 with us).  She also loves the blanket she is holding below.  She has loved that blanket since she was a little baby and to this day will not sleep without it.

Maya loves her daddy of course (and he loves her)!

Maya is an amazing helper in the kitchen (no, I am not expecting her to stay in the kitchen when she grows up, so don't bother to comment)...She is cleaning our dishes after making dinner.

One of her favorite things to do in the kitchen is help Katie mix when she is baking.  She has gotten quite good at mixing and can actually do it all by herself now.  

Maya loves friends.  From school to church to neighborhood...Maya loves to be around other kids and people.  These are a few of her favorites that enjoyed another beautiful kite flying evening in the park!

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